crossfit coach intern

CrossFit Intern

I never really cared about how I felt or what my body was capable of until I tried a martial arts class…I passed out.  Since then, I have made it a priority to take care of myself; both physically and mentally.  I found CrossFit while I was overseas in Singapore and immediately fell in love.  The motivation that this community driven setting provides is without compare.  Over time I have grown as an athlete, now it is time to help others find out what their bodies’ are truly capable of.

“No man as the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training.  It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which is body is capable of.”
- Socrates

Favorite WoD: Diane, Bradshaw



B.S. Exercise Science Rutgers University
Level 1
CPR/AED Certified

’ve been involved in various sports from the 2nd grade up to and including college. I started weight training in high School in order to gain strength and size to play football.That eventually evolved into a love of all things fitness and sports from that time to the present. I attended Rutgers university where I earned a B.S. in Exercise Science, and since that time have continued with my own training as well as coaching youth sports (since 1999). In August of 2012, I participated in my first WOD, and realized I had found a whole new way of training.  9 months later, I received my CF L1 and USAW certifications over the course of 4 days. I’ve grown to love teaching and coaching as much, if not more so, than training myself.  My emphasis in coaching is on mechanics, form and technique, and there is nothing that makes me more content than watching those that I teach, reach their goals and break through physical barriers on a daily basis.

Favorite WOD: Isabel, DT, Bear Complex





Growing up in a health-oriented home and participating in track and field, competitive cheerleading and gymnastics is what led me on a fitness inspired lifestyle. However, years after sports were over for me, I became bored in the gym doing the same routine. So, I tried CrossFit. Since I began CrossFit at J Town, I have learned lessons that I’m excited to help others learn as well. First, you can push yourself and achieve goals you could never imagine. The community of CrossFit is extremely supportive and motivating. Nothing feels better than finishing a WOD you thought you would never complete. Last but not least, it is about competing with yourself to be a better athlete each day. My passion for CrossFit is what inspires me to be a coach and help others achieve goals and become better athletes.

Favorite WOD- Kelly




CrossFit Kids
CPR/AED Certified

Sports and exercise have always been an integral part of my life.  As a young child I was always involved in year round activities which led me to finish my education while playing soccer for a Div II College Soccer program in NC.  The first time I tried CrossFit I was instantly hooked, I love pushing myself beyond what I ever thought was possible on a daily basis.  Being a mother of four young children and wanting to raise them in a healthy lifestyle I was immediately interested in acquiring my CrossFit Kids Certification.  I love working with the children and teaching them about exercise and having fun while doing it.

Favorite WOD: Diane





Crossfit Movement & Mobility Trainer

Gymnastics Instructor

A youth career in competitive gymnastics hooked me on a high intensity fitness lifestyle.  While I continue to involve myself within the sport through coaching, I have found a need to find something to challenge myself physically and mentally.  When I found CrossFit, I instantly felt a strong connection and was fascinated with the daily challenge and my ability to push through it.  I found motivation in working out in a group setting and as a coach it is my goal to pass that motivation down to our athletes.  Having Celiac Disease forces me into a healthy diet and it is important to me to bring the knowledge of diet to our athletes as well.  By supplying all information, and with the extra push, it is my hope that I can be a part of a lifestyle change that will make someone else fall in love with CrossFit, the same way I have.    

Favorite WOD- Jackie





CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer

Kickboxing Instructor
1st Degree Black Belt

Coach Patty has been a Kick boxing instructor for over a decade,and has been teaching group fitness on and off for the past 5 years, She has developed and run fitness boot camps for athlete's such as martial artists and boxers. She has competed in over 8 Spartan race's to date, Her enthusiasm concerning fitness and nutrition as well as her participation in obstacle course racing as a team leader go above and beyond.

Favorite WOD: Murph


CF- Endurance
CPR Certified

I have always enjoyed a sports-oriented lifestyle that eventually led me to trying out my first WOD. Throughout my life I have participated in soccer, wrestling, football and mixed martial arts. Finding CrossFit changed my outlook on fitness entirely. Each day is a new challenge to compete with yourself to reach new goals and motivate others as they reach theirs. I am excited to be part of the CrossFit community as an athlete and even more so as a coach. I look forward in helping our members with all of their health and fitness goals.

Favorite WOD- Fight Gone Bad

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CrossFit KBTC Level 1

US Weightlifting Level 1

CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid Instructor

NJPTC Certified Physical Conditioning Instructor

TRX Suspension and Rip Trainer

My daily lifestyle puts health and fitness at the forefront. I really enjoy motivating my athletes and giving them that extra push to commit themselves to a healthy and fit lifestyle. I strive to give my athletes a great workout and helping them meet their fitness goals while realizing that they can push themselves further than they ever thought possible. CrossFit is everything to me and it is truly a community that I love being a part of. I never feel more accomplished than laying on your back after a WOD.

Favorite WOD:  DT

crossfit coach intern
Ashley m.

CrossFit Intern


Nutrition Coach

After completing falcon fit in October 2013 and getting a taste for what crossfit was about, I decided to try some classes. Since health and fitness have always been a passion of mine, I figured this was something I just had to try. Upon arriving at my first crossfit class, there were noticeable differences from my normal gym. Instead of the conventional health club cardio or weight machines, and people wearing headphones, there was a big, open space, some equipment I didn’t recognize and a huge community of people cheering each other on and motivating each other from start to finish. It was terrifying, but I loved every second of it. Since starting, I haven’t looked back. I was hooked on the physical and mental benefits I experienced after just one class. The results I have obtained and changes I have seen in myself are what keeps me motivated every single day. I stepped out of my comfort zone and have accomplished things that I never thought were possible. I have competed in multiple crossfit competitions and am now a certified Health Coach. I am so thankful for crossfit and all the things I have learned from being a part of this amazing community. As a coach I hope to help everybody step out of their comfort zone and feel the same pride in themselves, as I feel.
Favorite WOD: Fran


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