Coach Patty 

There is nothing more satisfying than watching an athlete push past the mental barrier they built themselves. Coaching for me is not only about the physical strength we build , but also mentally preparing athletes to trust their own body. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. 

Coach Erin 

There is no better gratification then watching a child succeed in a skill that we learned in class. The smile on their faces when they do something they otherwise thought they couldn't is what makes teaching exercise (CrossFit) to these kids so rewarding.  This is what drives me to work with children and teach them about how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Coach Ashley

CrossFit workouts are completely scalable to benefit anyone at any fitness level. From athletes to grandparents, everybody can have a program designed for them- the weights and intensity are adjusted to fit everyone’s capabilities. As coaches, we are trained to coach anyone and everyone.

Coach Miguel

Bio coming soon

Coach Pete 

CrossFit is not just a workout and A CrossFit Box is not just a gym. It is a community. A community that supports and motivates each other to become a better athlete and a better person. A community that helps you past those times that you want to give up and a community that is there for you no matter what inside or outside of the Box. That is what CrossFit is all about and what we as Coaches strive for everyday. 

Coach Kim  

As a coach at CrossFit J Town, I am proud to be a part of this community and its philanthropic efforts. Whether it is honoring fallen heroes or raising money for non-profit organizations, boxes around the world are dedicated to helping those in need. Our focus is not only changing lives of individuals inside the gym, but also promoting change outside the gym as well.

Our Coaches make the difference.

​Our coaches are here for many reasons, they love fitness and they love CrossFit.  But they also love helping others find a love in CrossFit.  Our coaches will share their passion with you and teach you not only the knowledge you need to become stronger and faster, but the confidence to believe in yourself along the way.

Coach Lacey

My goal as a coach is to help our athletes improve themselves. This is not limited to getting them through a challenging wod or helping them get fitter. CrossFit helps people to excel in other sports by sharpening their strength, endurance, balance, accuracy and more. CrossFit has a trickle down effect that positively impacts an athlete's other activities whether they be mental or physical. The only thing more rewarding than watching our athletes improve is watching them improve in other aspects of their life as a result of the training provided to them in our gym. 

Coach Steve 

CrossFit is much more than just a workout, it's a lifestyle. It does not simply start or end at the box. As a coach, I hope to empower people not only at the gym but in all aspects of life. Daily life lessons are taught & learned- With regards to commitment, goal setting, being accountable & respectful, and simply maintaining positive relationships. I can only hope that every member benefits more than just physically from J Town just as I have.

Coach Intern Greg 

“I am too old for this.” It is something all of us have heard and something a lot of us have probably said. It is also something that people are proving wrong every day. Crossfit has the ability to be scaled to all levels and ages, and as a Coach at J Town, I want to help other people my age, and older, achieve their goals and prove that you are never too old to become an athlete.

Coach Tim  

Witihin the walls of the box you are not limited to your own ambitions, but the ambitions of those around you. The ambitions of your fellow crossfitters when completing a workout, pushing you harder and faster than you think you can go. The ambitions of your coaches for you as an athlete, helping you achieve goals you never thought you could achieve. 

CrossFit J Town

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Coach Amy

Confidence: a little word with so much power. The beauty of CrossFit is not only in the changes we make in ourselves, but the changes we help others make. Because as a coach it is important to believe and trust in your athletes, but it is even more important to help them believe and trust in themselves.